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Once you've registered, this website lets you create your own word lists and then create games from the lists that you've made. 


The interface isn't as intuitive as you'd like; a bit quirky at times.  But perserverance will get you there and give you a different way to practise vocaublary or short phrases.



The 'About.com' Italian website can be useful for learners at all levels - although perhaps more for learners of an Intermediate level or above.  It's free, it's varied and there's a lot to explore, including very helpful forums where you can post questions about Italians and have them speedily answered by very well informed native speakers, jokes, grammar exercises etc.  There's quite a lot of advertising on the site so when you click on a link you can quickly find you've been sent to a commerical site - so keep your wits about you.  If you need a bit of external motivation to keep studying you can sign up for a weekly newsletter, pointing out some of the highlights of the site and of new topics on the forums.



If you're studying for GCSE (or at GCSE level) Ashcombe School has a splendid little area with little video clips and transcripts which cover the main topics of the GCSE oral exam - assuming they haven't scrapped the oral by the time you read this!

A really useful little resource.



www.Babbel.com is still at the experimental stage - but at the moment it's a little like LiveMocha - offering free vocabulary lessons and a chance to make contact with natives of the language you are studying - social collaboration for language fluency.  (Of course, you can just do the vocab bits and leave the socialising if you so wish!


www.digitaldialects.com has lots of very nicely made vocabulary activities in Italian

Multiple-choice quizzes

You'll find some multiple-choice quizzes here, which can while away an idle moment.

There are also some more here

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